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Personal Loan

Personal loans are awarded for amounts ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Euros. Personal loans without justification or investigation are possible up to 50,000 euros.

Car Loan

Big discount auto loans

Applies to car loans for new vehicles and used cars. Take a GESTFINANCE car loan to find the best loan for your car. Ask for a Finansol car loan and receive the amount and get discounts.

Mortgage credit

Play on interest rates and save money

A re-mortgage is particularly useful if credit interest rates have fallen significantly, as is the case now. Thus, it is effective in many cases to combine several debts or outstanding loans through restructuring into a single credit.

To remortgage, take another loan and pay the amount of the old debts.

Credit without proof

Loans without proof or investigation.

Looking for a credit without proof? Finansol is your credit expert without proof. Finansol works with major local banks around the world; We have excellent contacts – and always offer you the best deals that match your loan needs.

Analysis of your situation

The Group studies each file on a case-by-case basis in order to identify the strengths of each of its clients’ files

Reorganization of your debts

In many cases, simply grouping your outstanding credits reduces the overall amount; Gestfiance takes care of it

Renegotiation of total

Once pooled, the credits make it possible to play on a greater leverage of negotiation, by confronting the various actors of the credit

Large margins on insurance

Credit insurance is one of the best levers you can use to save money on your loan

The choice of an adapted insurance

Among all the options that are proposed by the various credit players, Gestfinance selects those that will cover you at the best price.

Compete the banks

Gestfinance will organize a new tender from its partners to get up to 50% off the original price

Our engagement

  • Give transparency to the partners who are in possession of your documents of the first appointment and as soon as you make the request
  • Response within 24 hours after depositing your mortgage file on our website
  • Inform you of the progress of your file until the receipt of your loan
  • Give all the guarantees of confidentiality on your file.

Satisfied customers

The rate at which you borrow is directly related to the price that will cost you your loan. Negotiating 0.15% less on the rate of a loan can quickly represent tens of thousands of euros saved, especially if your loan runs over 20 years


05 years of experience in the industry

Explore our areas of expertise
credit redemption

Number 1 in project financing

A company or association which carries out an activity with strong social and / or environmental utility can benefit from financing. If the application is eligible, it can also benefit, in addition to financial support, from support in setting up and developing its project.


We protect your personal interests

Whatever your concerns, we are available to support you for stability


Custom investment strategies

Our experts are at your disposal for productive accompanying measures

Our strong points

We are humanitarian workers, motivators and entrepreneurs

Our solutions are designed to work with you

Traditional methods of doing business change almost every day

Our team consists of dedicated managers, managers and consultants